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GTB Covid 19

Private Party Updates

Covid-19 Waiver must be filled out and submitted prior to participating in class.

Currenty ONLY Offering:

Bachelorette Parties:

The Tease Parties

Birthday Parties: 

Pre Birthday Tease Party

GTB Birthday Host & Studio Rental

IN-STUDIO Private Parties

If you are not feeling well, we ask that you please stay home

Here's what we are doing with your health and safety in mind...

  1. Constantly disinfecting all high-touch points

  2. Sanitizing equipment between parties

  3. Increasing the alcohol content of ALL our equipment cleaner to 70-91% alcohol

  4. Replacing cloth towels with disposable paper towels in the bathroom

  5. Increasing the number of hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio

  6. Gloves are REQUIRED when using shared equipment in parties.

  7. Adjusting party sizes to reduce sharing of equipment and to add additional space between party guest

  8. Parties are not allowed to enter or remain in the studio before or  after the scheduled time to allow time for advanced cleaning between each party REQUIRED

  9. Guest are to wait outside of the studio until alerted that they can enter for their booked party. We ask that you practice social distancing while waiting. REQUIRED

  10.  Social distance is REQUIRED

Here's how you can help:

  1. Bring your own grip gloves and socks to your party.

  2. Bring your own small towel(s)  - REQUIRED

  3. Please bring your own water! We will have water bottles available. Please DO NOT leave your bottles behind. We ask that you dispose of them properly upon completing your party or exiting the studio.

  4. For All private parties, SHOES or SOCKS MUST BE WORE AT ALL TIMES. NO BARE FEET

  5. For booked (Tease) parties, wear full-footed socks (can be purchased at the studio, $1.50) or approved indoor shoes after removing your street shoes at the door - REQUIRED

  6. Wear a mask/face covering (or purchase at the studio, $1 disposable, or $10-12 reusable) when you are not exercising/dancing or when you may be within 6' of others ) - REQUIRED

  7. Obey 6' social distancing rule and respect others' spaces

  8. Wash your hands/use provided hand sanitizer upon entering the studio, before touching equipment, and if you touch something like your face. Wash your hands before leaving the studio - REQUIRED

  9. Clean your equipment both before and after your party

  10. Be courteous and avoid mingling inside the studio before/after the party, bringing too many belongings, and eating/drinking (water is allowed) inside the studio

  11. Avoid attending the party if you feel ill, are caring for someone ill, or have been exposed to someone who has contracted COVID-19 even if symptom-free, but please call/email out of class within a reasonable time prior to the party - REQUIRED/STAY HOME

  12. Your temperature (contactless) and oxygen level (finger clip) may be taken prior to attending class for everyone's safety and piece of mind

These are our current precautions, and we will continue to make any necessary modifications to our course of action as needed. Please contact us by email or phone with any questions or concerns. For further information on steps to prevent illness or what to do if you feel sick, please check out and

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