Get That Body 

Hello Fitness world! GTB has come up with a 21-day fitness and meal plan challenge that you'll enjoy so much, you won't wanna ditch it, even after seeing real results. That's right we challenge you to spend 21 days transforming your body and create the body you earn! Will it be easy? Of course not! Though it will worth every pound you shred, every muscle you build, every inch you lose! What do you say? Are you in? Yep! Let's Get That Body! (Please seek medical clearance before taking part in this challenge)

Here's how it works. First you will need to schedule and attend a fitness consultation with a GTB rep. A custom fitness workout is then created to target your goals. A meal plan is also created to assist with the challenge. You will train for three weeks. Each week, three days out the week you'll train for 55mins with a GTB trainer or instructor and train for 30 minutes at home on opposite days of your training days. You will have two rest days. You will also follow the 21 Day Challenge Meal Plan for 21 days.


Your Body is a Work of Art... Create it!

#GETTHATBODY Who said you have to wait until Summer to wear a 2 piece
September 2015... 2 months after having my daughter

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