Ultimate Exotic Fit Party

Exotic Fit Party is a mix of pole teasing, chair, floor and exotic choreograpy to sexy music.

  • Complimentary Bottle of Champagne or Wine    (Contact for non alcoholic beverage)

  •  Wine glasses

  • Lap Dance Class ( floor work, lap dance)

  • Pole Tease

  • Exotic Choreography

  • Party décor and dessert table set up

  • Up to 6 guest (additional guest extra) 

  • Get That Body T-Shirts (Additional cost)

$240 for 1 hour, 30 minutes {$40 each additional hour- $35 each additional guest} Instructor gratuity welcomed


What to wear?

It’s your party so dress up!  Feel free to wear costumes or lingerie. Shorts are highly recommended if you are doing a pole party because you need your leg skin to grip the pole for spins and climbs. You may also wear fitness attire such as leggings or yoga pants and a tank top. 


Shoes: Wear an old pair of platform heels as your new shoes can get scuffed on the floor. Heels are worn the height of your comfort. Heels are not mandatory and you can choose to go barefoot, wear dance shoes or light sneakers. 

Knee Pads are a option for classes that include floor work such as tease  or twerkin.  

DON'T'S: (For your safety and the safety of others)  
*NO baby oils or lotions on your legs or arms if you are doing pole or floor work classes.  Please inform your guest of this policy before attending the party.
*NO hand jewelry such as rings, watches & bracelets as it will damage the pole surface and your jewelry.